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This is the front cover of Venue to Menu, our illustrated cookbook of musicians recipes. @timeasley designed the front cover and he is awesomely talented. Y’all should check him out. ❤️💛💚💙💜 #lettering #timeasley #venuetomenu #gutfeelingszine #zine #gutfeelings #illustration

Another @bodteen recipe illustrated by @chrisharward85 for venue to menu, in celebration of Todd Beene day. #zine #gutfeelings #gutfeelingszine #venuetomenu #illustration

Pablo Escobar loved hippos. Work in progress for Gut Feelings. #wip #pabloescobar #cocaine #gutfeelingszine #zine #watercolour #hippo

#watercolour #cocktail #bottles for #gutfeelings #zine

Happy fourth July.

Happy fourth July.

happy canada day! happy zine month! happy ice cream month!


Here is a new illustration I did for a food & culture zine called Gut Feelings, which paired illustrators with musicians who provided their favorite recipes! 

I was really excited to be paired up with Jonsi & Alex, of whom I am a big fan. 

Gut Feelings has as Kickstarter page going, working to raise funds to pay the illustrators who contributed! Donate HERE

Watercolor & collage. Phoebe Wahl 2014.


Sweethead by the one and only boneface

you can find the piece inside of Gutfeelings

pick up your copy here.


I’m thinking of getting some tote bags for my future etsy shop, good idea?… (Does anyone have suggestions on where to get them printed?) #illustration #watercolours #totebags #donuts #cat #kitten #pineapple #watermelon


HEYHEY It’s been a while Tumblr~ I have been busy trying to work out my final semester and post-grad stuff BUT here is a wonderful goody that I got in the mail!

A big thanks to Sophie and Sarah for giving me an opportunity to be a part of there wonderful publication: Gut Feelings Zine: Venue to Menu

I had a lot of fun drawing the monster fish and I love that the zine is all about food! Hope to do more with them soon!

You can purchase the Venue to Menu zine here and also check out their other prints!

We’re looking for writers and illustrators for the next issue of Gut Feelings. The theme is ‘organized crime’, we’re especially interested in anything that has a food angle to it but open to anything and everything that relates to the theme in some way. Email us if you’re interested gutfeelingszine @


Here’s a snippet taken from “Venue To Menu” the illustrated musicians recipe book put together buy Gut Feelings Zine.

I illustrated Todd Beene’s (Glossary/Lucero) condiment shots recipes. The recipes will make you puke…and maybe shit your pants.

Buy “Venue To Menu” here…