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Here’s a snippet taken from “Venue To Menu” the illustrated musicians recipe book put together buy Gut Feelings Zine.

I illustrated Todd Beene’s (Glossary/Lucero) condiment shots recipes. The recipes will make you puke…and maybe shit your pants.

Buy “Venue To Menu” here…


I have contributed many stupid illustration pieces to Gut Feelings Zine. Issues are available to buy from the Gut Feelings Etsy shop/store/whatever.

You can also buy their amazing illustrated musicians recipe book “Venue To Menu”. I illustrated Todd Beene’s (of Glossary and Lucero) condiment shots recipe featured in the book.

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So I was asked to contribute to Gut Feelings Zine’s ‘From Venue to Menu’ where musicians contribute their own recipes for drinks and food and artists illustrate the recipes! My musician was Patrick Hutchinson, (known as Hutch) who is a wonderfully talented sound engineer for Queens of the Stone Age and has been in collaboration with Josh Homme since the early days of Kyuss. He has worked on Homme’s other bands as well such as Eagles of Death Metal and Them Crooked Vultures and has recently worked with The Raconteurs

To support Gut Feelings, back their Kickstarter!

you can buy this here now


Here it is - my copy of Venu to Menu from gutfeelingszines in the flesh! So many talented illustrators were a part of this project and some of my Tumblr favorites including rosewong and phoebewahl. Such an honor to be included! xx


ZINE SCENE: Sometimes gloss ain’t always boss

Is your appetite for words on paper never sated? You could check out the new issue of the Runcible Spoon, their biggest yet, focused on a theme near and dear to the hearts of the 21st century proletariat: CHEAP LIVING. (That captivating image above is a spread from said issue created by the always inspiring Thu Tran.)

Friends over at the Tumblr HQ spaceship got a side hustle going in photocopied know-how, and it’s in tips on making HOT POTS of SOUP. I’ve heard if you’ve got a stone and a good story it’s all you need to make some, maybe their zine will confirm that.

There are only 9 hours left on this. We have already raised enough money to pay all of the artists, but any extra will really help us out with printnig costs (which are going to be a lot since it is a full colour 52 page zine!). Check the link to read about all the awesome musicians that are involved, then maybe donate like £1/$1/€1. You get something in return for your money, check out the rewards section!

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Here is a new illustration I did for a food & culture zine called Gut Feelings, which paired illustrators with musicians who provided their favorite recipes! 

I was really excited to be paired up with Jonsi & Alex, of whom I am a big fan. 

Gut Feelings has as Kickstarter page going, working to raise funds to pay the illustrators who contributed! Donate HERE

Watercolor & collage. Phoebe Wahl 2014. 



What was your first zine about and when was it made?

Sarah: Blue Rib. It was a hand written and drawn zine about neighbors I had growing up, musicians I liked beginning with the letter ‘K’, films I had seen with boys I knew and how to make nachos. I printed it up in black and white and then would color in each one and give them away for free.

Describe your most recent zine.

Sophie: Sarah and I have just spent the summer in LA where we worked on our England themed issue so we decided that when we returned to London we would base the next issue on all things America. As well as recipes and food related articles, we usually pick the things that we find most interesting about the theme; the people it encompasses, the tales and stories it evokes, the music or the writers and artists who relate to it. This issue has some of our most exciting recipes like Sarah’s Bacon and Bourbon Ice Cream and our Martini and Mint Juleps recipes. It’s the perfect read to get you drunk and hopped up on sugar. We also made illustrated top trump cards of some of the people we met while we were there to go along with the issue.

Read the rest at the LA Zine Fest blog!

our interview with LA zine fest is up.


A rough idea for an upcoming recipe book project….